Everything happens for a reason.

January 21, 2019 Everything happens for a reason. The one time in my life I didn’t throw away a piece of “junk mail”. Maybe something caught my eye. But for some reason, I ended up not only reading that invitation, but I made a phone call to attend the class. The letter was regarding an… Read more »

Choosing An Orthodontist Or General Dentist For Invisalign Treatment

September 7, 2018 What’s all the buzz about Invisalign? You can barely turn on the TV without seeing commercials that tout the effectiveness of this treatment. More and more adults and even teenagers are looking into this alternate form of orthodontic treatment. Many of my  patients who come into my orthodontic practice arrive with the… Read more »

Why Children Should Be Assessed For Orthodontic Treatment At Age 7

July 20, 2018 Early Treatment I have many patients who are brought in for their initial consultation by their parents, and I always get questions regarding when the right time to start treatment would be. I don’t have a universal answer for every case, but rather it all depends on each individual patient. Let’s talk… Read more »